Sometimes you can code so fast you don’t even know what you changed. That’s why we named our company “Haxor.”

But now, you can explain yourself to yourself, and your friends. Keep track of what you were doing.

Paircast keeps track of what you change and aligns it with the programs you open and the things you say. This way, you can see what you changed and why you did it.

That way, every time you go back to an old branch, you’ll have a recording of what you were doing at that time.

And so will every employee.

Look at this picture of a git log with Paircast videos linked.

See you can see the changes they made.

Let’s open this video of Mark creating a branch for a feature.

“Hey I’m creating this branch, I think I’m gonna use tesseract.js to do our image recognition.”

“Ok, I’m adding the keys to the environment variable”

“Hey this is Ian from the mobile team and I’m going to start working with your team’s API, here we go.”

“Welcome to the team Jeff, here’s how Ian got the server started last time.”

Bootstrapped by solo indie-hacker Ian Jennings. Copyright © 2021 Haxor LLC.