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Share your cast

Sharing Tips

Before you share, be sure to add a title and description to your video.

  • A good title probably starts with “how to do…”.
  • Your description should give an overview of things that happen in the video and links to any relevant articles where users can learn more.

If your code is public, be sure to link to the repository in the cast description!

Git Repositories

Paircast works with git. Check out these articles to learn about how Paircast works with git:

The? Paircast transcript can be used to create readmes that will display on GitHub and other hosted git sites. See the next section, “Publishing Markdown” for more.

Publishing Markdown

Want to bring your cast to other platforms, like a GitHub readme, YouTube, Dev.to, or even in your own documentation?

All you need to do is copy and paste the markdown from the editor to your favorite publishing platform. If a reader needs to see the video, they can click the <sup> tag! This will bring them back to the Paircast player and jump right to that timecode.

For more on publishing markdown, see view source.

Publishing Video

You can download your video by using the HTML element. Click the 3 dots, then download.

Then, open the video in any editor, create GIFs, clips, summaries, and best-ofs! Once you’re ready, you can upload it to YouTube and link back to the Paircast for code samples!

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