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Recording your first cast

Paircast records your screen, code changes, and transcribes your voice while you work. Then, Paircast creates a markdown file that aligns with the video. Check out this short demo?for an example.

This guide will help you record your first Paircast.

  1. First, you’ll need the software. Paircast is desktop software available for Mac and Windows.
    Download and install Paircast from here.
  2. Then, configure Paircast to record your screen, microphone, and camera (optional).
  3. Next, tell Paircast where you’ll be writing code, this is called your working directory. Paircast will watch this directory and automatically commit changes to a new git branch.
  4. If your working directory doesn’t have a .gitignore already, you’ll need to choose a default one.
  5. Finally, click the record button! You’ll see a preview of your screen and camera. Paircast will start tracking changes, and you’ll receive a desktop notification when the first change happens. Changes not detected? See this article.

Now as you code, Paircast will transcribe what you say and log it to a markdown file along with code changes. Paircast turns your coding session into a readme!

When you’ve finished, click “Finish Recording.” Paircast will upload your video file, code changes, and publish your cast.

Click “Edit Cast.” This will launch a new browser window where you can playback and edit your cast.

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