Video and code, together at last.

Add the power of video into your developer workflow.

Works with any text editor, from VS Code to VIM. No plugins.

Works with any coding language, including mobile SDKs.

Download available for Windows and Mac.

Developer Screen Recording

It's like the script command but with git and video.

Ditch your meetings.

Send video documentation instead.

Replace your standups, code review, support, and pair programming with video documentation that scales across your company.

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Never write documentation again.

Generate documentation with video and voice transcriptions that work with git.

Don't wait until you've forgotten how everything works to start writing. Document code by narrating your changes as you work.

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Fits your developer workflow.

Paircast turns your voice and code changes into markdown documentation you can add to your readme or website.

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Move fast, fix things.

Paircast keeps you coding. Built for speed and fits into your developer workflow.


Quickly write guiding articles for your documentation and blog.


Add context to file changes by linking video to every code change.


Help your team and customers get started faster.

Developer Experience

Learn where developers encounter friction as they build.

Support Tickets

Close support tickets in real-time by showing your customer how it's done.

Pull Requests

Document your code as you write it so your team understands your work.

Coding Takehomes

Find the best candidate by seeing how they solve problems.

Code Review

Educate your team through demonstration.

Helps close support tickets the first time.

Stop with the frustrating back-and-forths. Show your customers how to solve problems through demonstration.

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See how other developers work.

Create challenges and prompts that guide developers through tasks. See exactly how developers work.

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Shorten your "Time to Hello World."

Watch and learn from how developers work with your tools. Remove any friction they encounter and help developers overcome friction.

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Get started your way.

See how Paircast speeds up your developer workflow.

Pair Program

Stop forcing developers to ping each other for answers. Paircast adds video context to git so developers can work autonomously.

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Write Documentation

Never write onboarding documentation again! Record as you work so your team and customers can get started quickly.

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Create a Tutorial

Save time when writing tech articles, Paircast automatically creates your first draft while you code!

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Close a Support Ticket

Reduce the time it takes to close support tickets by including Paircast walkthroughs in your responses.

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Create a Takehome Interview

Scale your interview takehomes with code challenges in every language and replays that highlight the good parts!

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Conduct a DX Audit

Find and fix the places developers get stuck during onboarding. See exactly how developers use your products.

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