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6x faster than a technical interview.

Stop wasting your engineers' time video-calling candidates you never hire.

Paircast shows how candidates solve real problems on video instead of meeting. Paircast one-way assessment records screen and code changes during development. Desktop app supports all languages.

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Learn more by watching how developers solve problems.

Level the playing field with short time-boxed challenges.

Prevent cheating with automatic proctoring.

Hiring developers is hard, expensive, and slow

Technical hires are some of your most expensive team members. Hiring the wrong candidate can be a catastrophe, potentially wasting tens of thousands of dollars.

If you're like most hiring teams, you use some combination of coding challenges, take-homes, and interviews to make the best assessment you can. There's one thing we can all agree on though, it still takes way too long.

Every other day your engineers break their flow to conduct cookie-cutter interviews.
Get that time back by having candidates submit screencasts instead of interviewing live. Finally, you can see your candidate's thought process in a scalable way.

Get more signal in less time

Paircast take-home challenges give you the indicators of a live pair-programming session with the ease of take-home coding challenges.

It's like an async pair programming session. Developers complete a short (1 or 2 hour) coding challenge on their own machine. Paircast records their screen, code changes, and voice while they work.

Then, you can grade the candidates' performance on your own time. You don't even need to download or run the code, you can see it running on their machine!

Assess candidates with real work

Take-home challenges provide the best indicator of on-the-job performance because the work is so similar to what developers do day-to-day.

You get to see the developer's best effort, no more stress from new online environments. Developers get to use their own computer and the tools their most comfortable with. They can use Google or any other resources they'd normally have access to on the job.

You can finally run your iOS interviews in Xcode and your Java interviews in a real IDE with autocomplete. Paircast disappears into the background while developers work.

Fix the biggest problem with take-homes: cheating

When so much is at stake, developers might get crafty and try to get help from friends or google answers. Just take a look at all of these answers to the LinkedIn technical assessments.

“Dropbox used to do a lot of take-homes because they found they got some of the strongest signal possible on a candidate's ability to solve problems in unique ways. But they had to start moving away from them because they couldn't contain the cheating.”

The Halloway Guide to Technical Recruiting and Hiring (Section 27.1)

With Paircast, you can watch as developers write every line of code. You can even ask developers to explain themselves along the way and skim voice transcriptions later to see if they really know what they're doing.

Stop wasting time with take-homes that take days

There's a larger discussion happening right now about how much effort traditional take-homes require. Bigger take-homes can take days for candidates to complete.

Without time limits, developers with more free time have an advantage. Timebox challenges to limit the time candidates can spend working on a solution. Even the playing field while asking less of your candidates.

How? Paircast helps you get more information about a candidate without developers spending hours and hours on a classic take-home. With the high volume signal provided by Paircast, you'll learn more about developers in 30-minutes than a 48-hour take-home. It's a win for everyone.

Fast to set up, simple to scale

Thanks to our library of coding challenges, Paircast takes minutes to set up. Reuse the same challenge for multiple positions; Paircast doesn't have any hard language requirements. Scaling is as easy as sending developers a link.

Works with your ATS

Looking to integrate with your ATS? The Paircast Zapier skill means we support more than 80 platforms.

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