Deploy take-home projects at scale.

Find the best candidates with take-home projects you can review without running code.

Paircast records developers' screen, video, and code changes while they complete 1-hour coding projects you can review online. Integrates with hundreds of ATS.

See an Example


Bring tech interviews back to reality.

Paircast take-home projects help you understand how developers perform in a real work environment.

Quickly review take-home projects without running the code yourself.

Create a balanced playing field that rewards aptitude.

Learn how developers perform with a home-field advantage.

Streamlined technical take-homes for your ATS.

Paircast developer assessment platform provides
the insight of a take-home with the agility of coding puzzles.

Screen Recording

High-resolution desktop video lets you see everything developers do during the test.

Code Changes

See every LOC developer write and quickly jump to parts of the video based on the code they write.


Hear developers talk about their solution. Search full voice transcriptions.

Video (optional)

Developers have the option of enabling their webcam.

How it works

Stack's visual style is simple yet distinct, making it an ideal starting point for your project whether it be a basic marketing site, or multi-page company presence.

Desktop app that works everywhere.

It only takes a minute to get started. Paircast works with Mac and Windows and fades into the background while developers work.

Your test is a secret until the developer hits "record."

When developers star the test, your test prompt pops up and guides the developer through the test. As they code, Paircast tracks their work.

See developers' screen and code changes.

During setup, developers choose a directory to work out of. Paircast keeps track of all the file changes in that directory (and ignores anything from the .gitignore).

Watch the session replay right from your ATS.

Copy-and-paste code right from the screencast. Search for specific files or variables. You can git checkout code from any point in the video.