Video and code,
together at last.

Paircast combines the power of git
with the context of screen recording.

Desktop application available for Windows and Mac.
Works with any IDE.

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Coding Tutorials

Export markdown tutorials from the content you're already creating for YouTube and Twitch.

Bug Reports and Feedback

Help your team fix bugs by showing exactly how you arrived at that state.

Video Pull Requests

Show the "how" behind the "what" by adding video documentation to your codebase.

New Hire Onboarding

Teach new hires how they can get started contributing to your codebase.

Coding Bootcamps

Create accessible coding lessons that let viewers follow along locally.

Developer Assessment

Understand a developer's skill and progress with short 2-hour assignments.

Customer Support

Create specialized guidance for your most valued customers that shows exactly how to solve their specific problem.

Hiring Take-homes
Stop frustrating your team with time-wasting onsites. Ask developers to submit a work sample first.

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Copy code from video.

Paircast's creates copy-and-paste-able code samples from your session.

Skip to the good parts.

Let's face it, coding is slow and boring. Paircast splits developer sessions into chapters based based on files and applications used.

Search code, apps, and transcripts.

See where developers write that one line of code,
use a specific application, or voice their feelings.

Run code from any point in the video.

Paircast creates unique commit hashes you can use to
checkout the code and run it locally.

Add Video to GitHub

Paircast automatically creates git commits on file changes, so you can jump from any line of code to the point where it was added.

Add Video to your IDE.

Since Paircast is based on git, tools like GitLens can
take you straight to Paircast from git blame.

Export Markdown Transcripts.

Edit Paircast transcripts inline or export the markdown to
GitHub,, or your own blog.

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